Third-Party Served Ad Formats

In addition to our site-served, custom all-screen Creatives, we can also accomodate creative bookings that are served by a third-party. Tremor Video DSP recommends observing these specifications when submitting assets for third-party video ad serving.


If your ad tag can support multiple media files, feel free to include a larger video file; the media file that is most appropriate for the resolution of the device will deliver to the impression.

Specifications for All Ad Format Types

The specifications in this section apply to all third-party ad formats: Desktop, Mobile Web, CTV*, and Mobile In-App

Video Length

90 seconds, max.

Frame Rate

24 or 30 FPS

Recommended Codecs

H.264 codec, De-interlaced or Progressive only

Codecs Not Accepted

DVCPRO-HD and HDV 1081i60

Video Dimensions

16 x 9 aspect ratio, 1280x720 (HD) maximum

File Type


Min Audio Bit-rate

128kbps / 44khz (64k~128k @ 44.1kHz or higher)

Max Video File Size

25 MB

Expected Video File Size

1.5-20 MB
exception: CTV is 4.5-20 MB

Expected Video Bit-rate

300 to 5,000 kbps
exception: CTV is 1,000 to 5,000 kbps

Ad Tag Delivery: by Ad Format Type

Ad Format Type

Ad Tags Available


VAST Video (MP4)


VAST Video (MP4), VPAID-Flash, or HTML5/VPAID-JS


VAST Video (MP4)



*Additional Ad Specifications for the CTV Ad Format

• CTV ads will not play without the ACC audio format.
• CTV ads will only play on the following connected devices: Apple TV, HbbTV, LG, OpenTV, MHP, Panasonic, Philips, Roku, Samsung, Toshiba.

Specifications for Ad Delivery to Screens (by Video Format)

Note that desktop screens can only display Desktop ad formats, CTV screens can only display CTV ad formats, but phone and tablet screens are able to display both Mobile Web and Mobile In-App ad formats.

Video Size Desktop Phone Tablet CTV
360p Yes Yes Ad will not deliver Ad will not deliver
480p Yes Yes Yes Ad will not deliver
720p Yes Yes Yes Yes
1080p Yes Ad will not deliver Yes Yes

Delivery Specifications for Each Video Size

Video Size Width Height Video Bitrate Audio Bitrate Expected file size
360p Yes Yes Ad will not deliver Ad will not deliver 1.5 to 3 MB
480p Yes Yes Yes Ad will not deliver 2.5 to 4.5 MB
720p Yes Yes Yes Yes 4.5 to 9 MB
1080p Yes Ad will not deliver Yes Yes 10 to 20 MB

Delivering to Mobile Screens

Tremor Video DSP recommends including at least one < 3MB media file in your ad tag when delivering to a mobile in-app screen. This limitation helps to standardize user experience across different connection speeds such as 3G, 4G, LTE, wifi, and so on.

When the video file size is larger than 3MB, there can be a 1-2 second delay in loading the video ad, which can cause some mobile publishers to abandon the ad, causing use rate issues for the delivery of this placement.

Companion Banner Specifications for Third-Party Ads

Companion banners served with desktop and mobile web third-party ad tags have their own requirements:
• These specifications are for when a third-party hosts the companion banner.
• Third-party ad tags in iFrames with a no-script image call for Flash-based environments are preferred.

Available for Desktop and Mobile Web ONLY
Companion Banner Sizes 300x250, 728x90, 120x600, 160x600, 300x60, 300x100
File Types jpg or gif, animated gif files accepted
Code accepted iFrame, javascript, HTML, and href / img src code
Companion Banner File Size 75K

User-Initiated Sound Settings

When a third-party serves the ad, user-initiated sound settings cannot be configured by the advertiser; that setting is always configured by the publisher that requests the ad.